Facial and body skin rejuvenation at home

beautiful skin after rejuvenation

Every woman dreams of staying beautiful and young for as long as possible, and the appearance of the first wrinkles can upset even the safest and strongest lady, but there comes a time when the skin starts to age - this is a completely natural process.

Moisture stops staying in the skin for a long time, subcutaneous fat becomes flabby, then the face pales, the body loses tone, and women are ready for anything to regain freshness and beauty.

Some turn to plastic surgeons, but the process of tissue tightening can hardly be considered rejuvenation, although it seems that the problem has been solved from the outside; someone drinks dietary supplements - health products and it is great if they are safe and effective; many women visit beauty salons, but not all of them succeed regularly, and a positive effect can only be achieved if these visits are regular - in general, each of us tries to maintain and preserve beauty in any way.

These methods require not only regularity but also financial expense, and often the circle closes: when we don’t have enough money, we simply postpone taking care of ourselves "for later". You should not behave like that, because "then" you will have to put in a lot more effort and spend a lot more time to catch up; if it is not yet possible to use the services of a cosmetologist, use folk remedies - they also require regular use, but you will spend much lessTo make homemade anti-aging masks, body wraps, baths and so on, you don't need to go anywhere and spend a lot of money on it, however, the ingredients for the masks must always be fresh and natural, so you still need to find them. and buy.

Folk remedies for skin rejuvenation

Various products and herbs are used in folk recipes for rejuvenation. and they are well known to us — sometimes we do not even imagine that they can be so miraculous.

Skin cleansing

You can start skin rejuvenation by cleansing - peeling with brown sugar and papaya gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin. Peel a squash, grate it and mix it with the sugar (½ teaspoons). Apply the mixture on the face. without affecting the eye area, massage in a circular motion and leave for another 15 minutes. Wash with warm water; the skin will immediately refresh and become softer. Instead of papaya, you can take strawberries.

Cleansing creams or milk can be replaced with vegetable oils: grape seed oil. almond. olives, etc. The cosmetic disk is moistened in hot water, a few drops of oil are applied to it and the face is rubbed along the massage lines.

Homemade lotions for skin rejuvenation

Homemade lotions rejuvenate the skin well.

  • Mint lotion. . . 4-5 st. l. chopped fresh mint or 2 tbsp. l. dry, pour boiling water (½ l) and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Cool, filter, add 1 tsp. lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp. l. marigold tincture and 4 tsp. pine alcohol, mix thoroughly, pour into a dark glass bottle and store in the refrigerator. This lotion is necessary to wipe the face in the morning and evening - the skin color will improve, it will become healthier and younger.
  • Parsley lotionpreparation a little differently. The dried (or freshly crushed) leaves and roots of the plant (1 tbsp. L) are poured over a glass of boiling water and heated in a water bath for half an hour; insist for an hour, filter and add dry white wine (50-70 g). Wipe your face in the morning and evening.

Masks for skin rejuvenation

To prepare a rejuvenating herbal mask, you will need to take linden linden trees in equal parts. strawberries, currants, yarrow, plantain; the raw materials are thoroughly crushed, mixed and poured into 4 tbsp. l. mixture with boiling water - so as to obtain a porridge. When the mixture has cooled, apply to the face and neck for 15 minutes; rinse with cold water.

With the juice of the medicinal plant homemade aloe you can prepare an excellent homemade anti-aging mask. In a porcelain or glass cup, mix aloe juice (1 tablespoon perennial) with olive oil (1 teaspoon) and apply the mixture to the previously evaporated face. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed with a damp cloth, and another is applied to it - whipped with a teaspoon. crude egg white salt; hold for 10 minutes and rinse with a decoction of St. John’s wort or sage. After the mask, apply your nourishing cream.

The mask with banana, yogurt (2 tablespoons) and honey (1 tablespoon) turns out to be very useful and nutritious. Yogurt and honey are mixed with mashed banana puree, put the pulp on the face, hold for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Mask with milk. Add enough flour to the warm milk to make the mixture look like sour cream, then add the egg yolk, stir and apply the mixture on a clean face. Hold it for 20 minutes and wash with water and a little lemon juice.

The mask with proteins, honey (1 teaspoon) and flour (2 teaspoons) also rejuvenates. Beat the egg whites into a foam, add flour and honey, mix well and apply on cleansed face for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Simple potatoes help to rejuvenate facial skin, especially dry ones - they smooth out small and even not very small wrinkles. You just need to cook the potatoes in uniforms a couple, peel, knead and apply on face in a warm form. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. You can add a little milk or cream to the mashed potatoes.

Body rejuvenation at home

At home you can successfully rejuvenate not only the face but also the body.

Body rejuvenation masks

Before applying anti-aging masks, the skin of the body must also be cleansed: peeling with raspberries, sour cream and sugar is called anti-aging. Stir 2 tablespoons into the bowl. l. crushed fresh (frozen) raspberries with fine sugar (3-4 tablespoons) and sour cream (2-3 tablespoons), apply peeling to the body. hold for 5-10 minutes, massage in a circular motion and rinse under a warm shower.

Masks with coffee and essential oils are very effective. Penetrating through the skin, caffeine promotes the breakdown of fats and gives the skin a light tan, only natural coffee is taken - soluble skin will not benefit. A few drops of tea tree oil are added to the coffee grounds. apply it on the body, massage and rinse.

Body mask with ground coffee (1 tablespoon), cream (2 tablespoons) and olive oil (1-2 teaspoons). The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, heated in a water bath for 5 minutes, and the mixture is applied to the body - especially on the thighs and buttocks, held for 10 minutes and rinsed in a warm shower.

Home baths against aging

Homemade rejuvenating baths are even easier to do than masks - you can just lie in warm water, and at that time the skin will soften and receive nutrients.

In bathing water with a temperature of 37-38 ° C should be added a liter of warm fat milk or a decoction of wheat bran: 2 kg of bran pour water (5 liters), boil, strain and pour into the bath. Bathe for 15-20 minutes; then lubricate the skin with almond oil.

It will not be possible to talk about anti-aging masks for all skin types here, but you can list some effective ingredients.

  • For dull skin, masks with grated carrots, lemon juice and yogurt are good - they restore its freshness and healthy color.
  • Fresh cucumber masks refresh and soothe tired skin; banana masks help prevent early wrinkles.
  • Tomato masks are good for oily skin; narrows pores and tightens the skin mask with egg white and lemon juice; acne and rashes help to remove the mask with mint leaves.
  • Oatmeal masks help soften the skin and remove dead cells.

You can rejuvenate yourself at home not only from the outside, but also from the inside - there are many folk remedies that purify the body, improve metabolism and stimulate cell renewal.

A real magic mixture was obtained from ordinary products: honey - 1 kg, lemon - 4 pcs. garlic - 3 heads, linseed oil - 200 ml. Peeled garlic and lemon (2 peeled and 2 with peel) are chopped in a meat grinder or blender, honey and oil are added, everything is mixed with a wooden spoon and transferred to a glass jar. Store the product in the refrigerator and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. l. half an hour before meals. After a while, the skin of the face and the whole body will become smooth and silky, the condition of the nails and hair will improve.

There are a lot of simple and cheap home remedies for skin rejuvenation - you just need to learn more about them and choose the ones you like. Regular use of masks, peels, lotions, baths and other procedures will help restore the skin's smoothness, freshness, elasticity and youth, and then the mood will be wonderful again, and life interesting and joyful.